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Posted 8 years 5 months ago by my two cents

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This article is yet another example of a probably intelligent reporter believing everything s/he is told when the topic of Scientology comes up. Writers who would normally ask inquisitive and probing questions go foggy-headed when their story contains the "S"- word.Tom Cruise attained the State of Clear -- freedom from harmful impulses (to give a simplified definition) -- m-a-n-y years ago -- not recently. It is a personal state of heightened awareness and freedom from self-imposed barriers. But states of personal enlightenment have NOTHING, nada, zilch, zip to do with the legal ability to perform weddings, funerals, baby-naming ceremonies and the like. To have that legal right, Cruise, like any other Scientologist, and like any other reputable religion, would have to become a minister of the respective religion. I don't know if he has done that or not. But the Scientology Minister must study the Holy bible (New Testament and Holy Scriptures), must study Scientology theology, and more!Becoming a minister is a matter of study, passing tests, and getting a legal certificate from the state. So, as happens all too often when Scientology is the topic, reporters' IQs drop, their journalism classes go out the window, and their fingers rattle on over their keyboards, apparently disconnected from any grey matter and all sense of professional ethics.

Posted 8 years 5 months ago by Pad and Pencil

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