Tom Cruise proved his dedication to new movie Jack Reacher by working through the night training for the upcoming action film.

The Top Gun star plays the titular homicide investigator in the new drama alongside Rosamund Pike, who portrays his lawyer side-kick, and the actress reveals the 50 year old was so dedicated to the part he returned to the set after-hours to hone his skills.

She tells Us Weekly magazine, "He would shoot all day, maybe get one hour of sleep, then go back to work. I would get up in the middle of the night to go to the set just to watch him do his sequences."

And the Die Another Day beauty admits Cruise's toned physique presented a major distraction as a result.

She adds, "We were in a motel, trying to get business done - and he has his shirt off. It's distracting! I tell him, 'Put your shirt on!'"