Tom Cruise's new movies have got him doing the rounds, chatting to various talk-show hosts to promote both Oblivion and Jack Reacher. On Graham Norton's sofa, Cruise was chatting Reacher.

Showing off to the live studio audience about his stunt work, Cruise explained, "There are so many visual effects in movies that I like to shoot things as practically as possible as opposed to green screen. For an audience, you can feel the difference." When asked if anyone ever said "no" to him performing his own stunts, Tom replied: "Yes, but I ignore them! It's all about storytelling and as an actor you bring everything, physically and emotionally, to a character. I'm able to do them and I've trained for 30 years doing things like that. There are moments when the adrenalin is going. It's quite technical but sometimes things go wrong. A lot of what goes wrong is in the movie but no-one has been injured - or been badly hurt anyway. No-one missed a day of work!"

The choice of Cruise as Reacher has left many fans of the original character, who's taller, and blonder than the man who plays him, dismayed, but it'll be the reviews that really annoy them, as they've not been friendly at all.