Tom Cruise is spending all of his free time playing with a remote-controlled helicopter.

The 50-year-old actor is currently staying at the Grove hotel in Hertfordshire, England, while he films 'All You Need Is Kill' but is using his time away from the set to play with the toy.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Tom has been a great laugh and is really friendly to everyone.

''When he's not mingling with other guests he's been mucking about with a remote-controlled helicopter. One of his rooms overlooks the helipad. Him and his crew have been flying it around there.''

Tom checked into the hotel under the name Cage Hunt, which he has told fellow guests is his porn name.

However, as that is usually found by putting together the name of a person's first pet with their mother's maiden name, and Tom's mother was Mary Lee Pfeiffer before her marriage, it is likely he is using a different way of calculating it.

The source added: ''Tom is using the name Cage Hunt, which guests are saying he has told them is his porn star name.