Tom Cruise has been enjoying his stint as Jack Reacher, and it’s paid off, as the movie is still in the top earners of the holiday season.

At the recent London premiere for the film, Cruise gushed about what a good time he’d had, doing the stunts. "It took a lot of skill, but I had an absolute blast doing it. It was really fun. That car is a tricky car. The surfaces on the road were not always ideal, but I always wanted to do a car chase like that. So, I was very excited to have the opportunity to do it."

Cruise, who it has recently come up wasn’t author Lee Child’s first choice for the role, also explained that he had enjoyed the challenge of portraying a character as unique as rogue officer Jack Reacher: "He's just a very unique character. He's got dignity, he's got his own moral code. He's not dealing with the constraints of normal society, yet he is very moral and he is flawed and he's interesting. He's got great wit."

Jack Reacher is in theatres now, so, if you’re in the mood for a solid action flick for the holiday season, that might be a good pick.