Coming on like a cross between 'Drive' and a Tarantino movie, Tom Cruise 's latest movie 'Jack Reacher' sees Cruise getting his Gosling on. A trailer for the movie has debuted online, possibly in the hope that the film studio can cash in on the lead actor's current divorce drama and critics are already drawing comparisons to Ryan Gosling's performance in Drive. Cruise turned 50 yesterday but we can't imagine that there was a whole lot of celebrating going on for the Hollywood star, in light of the news that his wife Katie Holmes just 'blindsided' him by unexpectedly filing for divorce.
Jack Reacher is the hero of 18 novels written by the author Lee Child. Although the rather petite Tom Cruise doesn't exactly fit the author's description of Reacher being six foot five inches, this is Hollywood and in Hollywood, you can ignore those finer details if it means you get Tom Cruise to play the lead role in your big-budget screen adaptation. The makers of the movie, Paramount Pictures, told the New York Times "Tom is a huge movie star for the right reason: He's a very talented actor whose movies have entertained millions of fans. [His] ability to make a great movie [is what] moviegoers remember above all else."
Jack Reacher stars Tom Cruise as an ex military police major, investigating the case of a sniper who appears to have been military-trained. Cruise plays the title role and Robert Duvall, Werner Herzog and Rosamund Pike co-star. The movie is scheduled for release in December 2012.