Fans of 'Star Wars' have been in a frenzy for the last couple of days as it was reported Tom Cruise may be appearing in the upcoming 'Episode VII.'

Unfortunately this is just another false story.

The 51 year-old actor's rep confirmed to Entertainment Tonight Canada that there is "no truth" in reports claiming Cruise has been talking to director J.J. Abrams about a cameo role in the flick.

The U.K. tabloid The Sun reported that Cruise travelled all the way to London, where 'Episode VII' is currently being filmed, to meet with Abrams to work out the finer details.

"Tom [Cruise] has been in London for over a week and met up with JJ [Abrams] and some other people with the production over the weekend," a source told The Sun. "On Saturday evening, five of them met up for dinner and drinks at the Belgravia Hotel. JJ produced "Mission Impossible 5" and loves working with Tom whenever he gets the chance."

Unfortunately for the Hollywood star's fans, his spokesmen adamantly states that the story is "pure fiction."

Many people believed that Abrams was discussing casting Cruise during the filming of the movie, which is taking place at the famed Pinewood Studios, due to Harrison Ford suffering a broken leg, which has "set things back a little scheduling wise and there's some time to play around with."

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It is expected that the incident, which occurred on June 12th, may side-line the veteran actor for up to 6 to 8 weeks as he is now returning to the US to begin a rehabilitation program.

Ford, who is reprising the role of Han Solo, sustained the injury when a spaceship door fell onto his leg. Ironically it was his character's own ship's hydraulic door, from the recognizable Millennium Falcon, that caused the damage.

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However, despite one of the main characters missing nearly two months of shooting, Lucasfilm and Disney reiterate that filming will continue as planned and there should be no setbacks.

Tom Cruise
Cruise will not be making a cameo in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'