Tom Cruise's latest role sees him as Jack Reacher. Rosamund Pike has been talking about working with the star, while writer/director Christopher McQuarrie spoke about casting Cruise as Reacher. 

"Tom and I had a very easy chemistry," says British actress Pike, who plays defense attorney, Helen in the film. "We manage to get the satisfaction of a love affair without ever touching," she continued to the audience of a New York press conference. Considering the fictional Reacher is a blonde, six foot, five inch hunk, many fans of the character were disappointed to see Cruise innvoled. He's, well, not 6"5 (more like the other way round) and certainly isn't blond, but to some... people; he is a hunk.

"When we started to compile the list of six foot-five, 250 pound, blond-haired, blue-eyed, American actors, we discovered that not only were there none, but there had never been one and there were none in the pipeline," explained McQuarrie. "We knew very early on that fans were going to have a reaction no matter who we cast."

"So we thought, well, if they're going to be angry, let's make sure they're angry before they see the movie and not after they see the movie. That meant that we could not compromise on any other aspect of the character," he continued.

Jack Reacher is released tomorrow (Dec, 21) in the states, and hits the U.K on Boxing Day.