The first round of reviews for Rock Of Ages are in, and it looks as though it was only Tom Cruise and his co-stars were ready to rock as most critics have panned the musical-turned-film thus far.

Before its release this weekend, the film was expected to easily make up its $75 million budget, but the film is only expected to make just $15million reports the Daily Mail. The Broadway adaption, which boasts a huge cast including CATHERINE ZETA-JONE, Russell Brand, Paul Giamatti and ALEC BALWIN, along with Cruise and lead performances from Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta.

Despite the cast, the film has so far been criticised for its blandness, despite the somewhat over-the-top subject matter it tackles, with its two leads Hough and Boneta being branded as boring.

One of the few positives that critics have managed to bright to light has been the performance Cruise, who has been widely praised for his turn as rock star Stacee Jaxx. Other than this the majority of the cast have been panned for their poor performances, although the two leads do land on the receiving end of much of the criticism.

The film is currently competing with the Ridley Scott sci-fi Prometheus and the latest installation of the Madagascar franchise - both of which are performing considerably better than the musical.