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Once I was an avid fan of Tom's. After everything that has transpired with him he has turned into a great disappoint. Nicole Kidman is much better off. I feel sorry for Katie Holmes, Tom will not allow her to be her own person.After the interview he did on the Today show, that did it for me. I love Matt, and just could not believe all of what Tom Cruise was saying. He is a real hot head, and arrogant. Brook Shields should have never forgiven him either. You do not just come out and say those things about people on live television. Shame on you, Tom.Since then I have gotten rid of all of my Tom Cruise movies, and I will never see or go to another one of his movies again. Hollywood would be better off to boycott every movie of his past and present. Tom should never be hired again. I cannot believe I used to really adore him. How credulous and foolish I have been about Tom Cruise.

Posted 7 years 3 months ago by kim1urbanfan

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well tom, thats how you do it. morton shouldn't have said anything at all. always susie k stassi,

Posted 7 years 3 months ago by susan kuby stassi

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