Tom Cruise stars as Jack Reacher - that was something fans of the original character were surprised to hear, given he bears little resemblance to Reacher himself. We've taken a look at some Jack Reacher reviews to see if he's pulled it off, and what he critics thought of the film as a whole. 

Unfortunately, for Cruise et al, to say the critical response to Jack Reacher has been mixed would be a complement. It's not done well, and here are some of the picks of the bad reviews.

"Reacher is limited by a lack of originality and hampered by thematic cliches and generic action sequences," say USA Today.

"The actor can do cool and calculating, it's the meaning behind it that never flickers to life. "Jack Reacher" plays like Cruise on cruise control," write the L.A Times

"Even when the film is cool, it manages to be wrong," say TIME Magazine, simply.

"The self-confident, supercompetent Reacher is a character Mr. Cruise could play in his sleep, which is pretty much what he does," said The New York Times.

"Had it come out in September and starred Nicholas Cage rather than being a big Christmas release with an A-list actor, I would have been much more forgiving," think the Newark Star-Ledger.

Jack Reacher's U.S release happened last night (Dec 21) and it's U.K release is Boxing Day. But, judging by the myriad bad reviews, you'll do well to stay in.