It appears Tom Cruise 's unlucky number is 33. All three of his ex-wives, Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes were 33-years of age when their marriages to the Hollywood A-lister broke down, reports the UK's Daily Mail.
Fans of the star have already begun searching for a meaning, with some postulating that the number is somehow related to Scientology - though it's probably more likely to be an interesting coincidence. Nevertheless, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton dug a little deeper into the religion to find that the first Church of Scientology, established in Phoenix, Arizona, lies on the 33rd parallel. In numerology, the number is for the "master teacher", while it's also associated with the power of healing through love. Cruise first married Mimi Rogers when she was 31 in 1987. The couple split in 1990, after she had turned 33. His second marriage - and perhaps most high profile relationship - was to Nicole Kidman, with the stars staying together for ten years. They split in 2001, when she was 33. His surprise wedding to Katie Holmes in 2006 came when the actress was just 28. The couple filed for divorce last week, after Holmes had reached the age of 33.
The New York Daily News and the UK's Daily Mail both have photographs of 'mysterious individuals' hanging around outside Holmes' apartment building this week. Nypd officers were even forced to move on a strange vehicle parked directly outside the entrance to the actress's block.