Tom Cruise joined his new pals the Black Eyed Peas on stage at their concert in London on Thursday (27May10) to debut their new song for the actor's upcoming movie KNIGHT AND DAY.
The Hollywood star convinced producers of the action film to allow the Black Eyed Peas to record a tune for the movie soundtrack and the actor joined frontman in the studio to watch him at work on Some Day.
They met up in London this week (ends28May10) when Cruise was in the city to promote the new release and while the Boom Boom Pow hitmakers were on their European tour.
Cruise attended the band's gig in the British capital with his wife Katie Holmes and he was pleasantly surprised when he was personally asked by singer Fergie to join the group under the spotlight for the show finale.
Cruise admits he was initially reluctant to take her up on the offer, but relented after the pop star taunted him as a "wuss".
He says, "Actually when they were performing, we all went to the show and Fergie sent a formal invitation to come onstage. She was like, 'Yo, don't be a wuss, you gotta come onstage for the last song.'"
The actor agreed, much to's delight.
The hip-hop star adds, "He came up, we rocked I Gotta Feeling, the crowd loved it. Fergie was the only one who knew about it (debuting Some Day), but we had a real surprise for 21,000-something odd people."