Tom Cruise is on the prowl for a new woman, but given the constant media frenzy surrounding him it is proving to be somewhat more difficult than he may have first hoped.

His most recent piece of arm candy came in the form of non-celeb Cynthia Jorge, a Queens resident, who Tom took out on a date at the beginning of December. Unfortunately for the two of them, their fling looks as though it may end up being a one-time thing because Cynthia apparently got so unnerved and frightened by the onslaught of media attention flung her way after the date that she was forced to go into hiding and escape all the perusal.

The Queens-native, who manages a Beauty & Essex in NYC, was forced to go into hiding at her mother's home in Fresh Meadows as she tries to escape the constant glare of the paparazzi's cameras and the scrutiny she is facing for allegedly leaking the information about her date with Tom, something she is telling her friends is completely untrue anyway. A friend of Cynthia's told New York Daily News: "She is freaked out, just so freaked out right now. She wasn’t looking for all this attention."

On top of this, the source also revealed that Jorge had previously dated a celebrity in the past, with Sean William-Scott also falling under her every-woman charm. The story between her and Cruise goes that she gave the actor her business card after he stopped by her Beauty & Essex for something to eat. The rest, as they say, is history.

In the meantime, Cynthia is lying low and has taken down both her Twitter and Facebook accounts, as she waits for this wave of unwanted attention to blow over.