Review of Major Sins pt.1 Album by Tom Allalone & The 78s

Review of Tom Allalone & The 78's album Major Sins pt.1.

Tom Allalone & The 78s Major Sins pt.1 Album

Tom Allalone & The 78's are a four piece UK band from Kent and have a predominantly pop fuelled rock n roll sound which often ventures into rockabilly. Majors Sins pt.1 offers enough guitar riffs and sing-a-long choruses to shake your rhythm stick at.

The opening track and current single 'Crashland' initially sounds reminiscent of the happy go lucky threesome Dodgy, with a bouncing rhythm and horns, and vocals that are not too dissimilar to Nigel Clark's.

'Get Down and Dirty' opens up with a Dr. Feelgood-esque guitar riff that immediately brings about foot tapping and makes you want to go look for trouble in all the wrong places. Allalone's attack on DJ's and their minions on 'I'm Just The DJ' has a pop feel to it and could be deemed as radio friendly.

The rockabilly influences start to creep in on 'Gravesend Boys' with an uptempo groove, chunky guitar riffing and heavy backbeat drumming. 'Wounded' is a more laid back track steeped in guitar tremolo, arpeggiated chords and lullaby backing vocals which give a sixties RnB feel. 'Hell Hath No Fury' again draws upon rockabilly yearnings and 'Sign On You Lazy Diamond' has a Mando Diao feel, as do a handful of the tracks on the album.

'This Teenage Crush' draws upon the sixties influence with its piano and doo-whop backing vocals which, may have the ability to become one of those tracks you skip past on future listening. The album closes with 'Silly Old Moon', a purely vocal track which dabbles in the realms of barbershop quartet.

These four impeccably dressed Southerners have managed to fuse rockabilly with rock n roll and pop, like many other have before them, but with a mainstream twist which is probably due to the more melodic vocals of Tom Allalone. However, it is not entirely evident as to whether the mix of musical styles is clever or whether it's slightly confused, is it Rock n Roll? Pop? Sixties RnB? Rockabilly?

Major Sins pt. 1 is released on 4th May.

Rating: 6/10

Pablo Roffey

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