Review of A Lesson in Crime Album by Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club
A Lesson in Crime
Album Review

Tokyo Police Club A Lesson in Crime Album

You may think 7 songs and 16 minutes is an EP, but actually it is a perfect statement from a genuinely exciting rock band. While many over-hyped bands claim new, fresh rock ground for themselves (think Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys), this Canadian band serve up the freshest album I have heard this year.

It is like The Strokes, but with the excitement notched up to 11, and none of the irritation. The songs, wonderfully, clock in around 2 minutes - there is no spare air, never mind any wasted space. When A Lesson In Crime hit the CD player, it stayed there on repeat for ages.

Heaven knows what might happen with a full-length album. For now, we should be grateful that 16 minutes this great can still find their way onto a disc, and that guitar-based rock does have plenty of space left above the Arctic Monkeys.

Rating 9/10

Mike Rea

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