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Pee-wee Herman Show Returns To Hbo After 30 Years

22nd December 2010

PEE-WEE HERMAN, the comic creation of actor PAUL REUBENS, is set to return to HBO some 30 years after he first appeared on the network. 'The Pee-Wee Herman Show', currently running as a stage show...

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Fascinating Fact 10140

16th October 2010

CHRISTOPHER WALKEN and MIA FARROW are to star as husband and wife in director TODD SOLONDZ's new movie DARK HORSE.

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Hilton Set For Another Film Role

12th November 2008

PARIS HILTON is to add another movie role to her portfolio - she has been lined up for a new film by acclaimed director TODD SOLONDZ. The socialite will act alongside Allison Janney, Charlotte Rampling...

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Solondz In Awe Of Abortionists

4th May 2005

Maverick film-maker TODD SOLONDZ is so full of admiration for America's under-fire abortionists, he felt compelled to tackle the controversial issue in his new film PALINDROMES. The HAPPINESS director, who has already tackled taboo...

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Solondz Wants Audience To Make Up Their Own Mind On Abortion

23rd March 2005

American film-maker director TODD SOLONDZ has courted controversy in his homeland by tackling abortion in new movie PALINDROMES - but he only wants to inform his audience about the many complexities of the debate....

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