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To Be Frank - Interview

Interview with To Be Frank June 2013

Frank Pescod is a diverse, multi talented industry expert who has worked in music all his life. Frank's most recent project, To Be Frank is a brave, genre exploring, unique take on music, using minimalistic acoustics and pianos with contrasting modern, technical electric beats. 

To Be Frank achieved notable recognition after releasing his debut song 'If You Love Her' on YouTube gaining over 146,000 views and has since been continually played on BBC Radio One and 6 Music.

Frank operates his own record label and production studio, Solebay Music, working with other artists on film and in branding including River Island and Harley Davidson. 

CM: Hi Frank, how are you?
Frank: Good. Not too bad.

CM: Your EP is due for release on the 1st July. What does it contain and how does it differ from debut you single 'If You Love Her'?
Frank: It's a mixture of different styles of music that I do. It's got an acoustic guitar track called 'Someone Else's'. It's got a track called 'I Lied' that features Hazel Tratt, a great singer from London. It's got 'Nothing' which has been the lead track; a kind of a glitchy, electronic track which we've done a video for. 'Tears' is the other one. It's a kind of mixture. 'If You Love Her' is really sparse and very pure and these are kind of the other sides of what I do.
There's a lot more to come.

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To Be Frank - Nothing

Electronic producer To Be Frank (aka Frank Pescod) unveils the haunting video to 'Nothing'; the title single for his brand new 4-track EP which is due out on July 1st 2013 through Solebay Music.

The video features the singer clutching his lit Zippo lighter as he takes what looks like a chilly, misty walk in a wood while lamenting a lost love who happens to be sat home alone staring into her fireplace. She begins to burn a photograph of him in the flames as he makes a fire in the woodland. In spite of the fire theme, the video evokes a colder feeling with slow, echoing vocals, a chaotic background rhythm and melodic, foreboding crescendos. 

'The EP is a selection of tracks written from various places, not all my own situations but all written in my studio', Frank explains. 'I wanted the EP to reflect the various styles I am currently working on at present.' He certainly is making the most of his musical ability and track two, 'I Lied', even features a collaboration with Hazel Tratt who is in possession of a voice of similar ethereal beauty. With support from the likes of Radio 1, 6 Music and Vevo, To Be Frank is looking to be building up one hell of a fanbase this year.

To Be Frank

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