Little Shop of Horrors is a curiously detached musical comedy based on the popular 1980's off-Broadway play about a man-eating plant from outer space. Not exactly a thought provoking subject, although some of the movie works; it's just too bad even more of it does not. I saw the play, and even performed in an amateur version. Throughout the movie, I was singing along with some of the musical numbers, but found myself standing outside of the story. Maybe that's because this is about a man-eating plant from outer space. I hold nothing against movies about man-eating plants from outer space, but this one doesn't know how to handle such.

The movie is a solid adaptation; beyond some alterations at the end after test audiences complained (they should have complained even more), the movie is very similar to the play. Most of the songs remain intact, and the cast is full of energy and zest. The special effects fill an important niche. So why does so much of Little Shop of Horrors feel distant and wearisome?

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