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Tiny Dancers
Free School Milk
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Tiny Dancers Free School Milk Album

Tiny Dancers spend little time missing around about where they want to be in the future. This album seals their fate as a band, believe it or not. Think U2, think The Coral, think The Zutons and think Supergrass. Somewhere in-between you'll find the truly delightful sound of Tiny Dancers. 'Free School Milk' is far from a childish, schoolboy attempt at making the big-time. In Fact, it's quite the opposite. It's a fairly mature stab at becoming a very popular and well-admired band.

From '20 to 9' to 'Deep Water' we get insights, from multiple angles, into the potential of the band. 'I Will Wait For You', 'Baby Love', 'Shame' and 'Hannah We Know' all tracks along the way that catch your attention. The rest of the album is all quite good.

The downside to this album is probably the fact that it's hard to imagine yourself listening to the entire duration of the album on more than one occasion. 'Free School Milk' gets kind of similar, bare and repetitive within a short space of time; not the greatest feature to have to your music when you are disparately trying to make it in the industry. The once euphoric anomaly of the album slips into pain-staking boredom. A little contrast and experimentation can go a long way. Possibly something that the band could work on for next time and there's no doubt that there will be a next time. For the moment, though, they have what appears to be a great debut album.


Daniel Black

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