Tinie Tempah would happily date a fan.

The 22-year-old singer hopes his music appeals to as many people as possible and so thinks his romantic opportunities would be limited if he ruled out dating women who buy his records.

He said: "I've never understood the concept of not being able to date a fan.

"I make music with the intention that most people are, so if I ruled out fans, I wouldn't have much chance of meeting anyone."

Tinie also admitted he has written songs about women he likes - but tries to change details in order to prevent them identifying themselves.

He explained to more! magazine: "The song that got me discovered, 'Wifey', was about a girl I was pretty much obsessed with at college.

"Well, it was more like three, but I sort of made them into one superwoman by combining their attributes so it wouldn't be a dead giveaway."