Brit pop-singer Tinie Tempah was invited to join fellow chart-topper Rihanna in the Med on her recent holiday so that the pair could discuss a potential collaboration.
The 'Where Have You Been All My Life' singer has been on a yachting holiday in the Mediterranean since last week, and recently invited the 'Pass Out' hit maker aboard her boat to talk collaborating and to enjoy dinner together and then a 'wild night' of partying with the rest of her crew, The Sun newspaper first reported.
The Londoner, who had one of his hits played as part of the 'Ode to Modernity' stint of this years Olympics Opening Ceremony, flew over to see the Barbadian beauty after his stint on stage this Friday at the Global Gathering festival in Stratford-Upon-Avon.
He is not the only gentleman caller that Rihanna has had since her jollies began though as both Drake and Chris Brown have both sampled the pleasures of the Mediterranean with Rih-Rih whilst she was anchored on the French Riviera. Fortunately though, there was no fisticuffs to be on the South coast, with both R&B stars arriving at differing times.
Rihanna has since moved on from France and is now soaking up the sun, and even a bit of culture, as she is currently residing in Portofino, Italy - keeping her Twitter followers up to date with everything that is happening along the way.