Is that Tina Fey ‘No Way’ to the Oscars response really any surprise? After seeing the trashing that Seth Macfarlane received in the press following his Oscars presenting stint on Sunday (February 24, 2013), we wouldn’t want the job next year either! After all, Tina Fey is hardly known for doing things by the book and it’s just as likely that any jokes the 30 Rock star would come up with would be likely to offend the majority of the often-stuffy Academy audience, so the comedian has said in no uncertain terms that she does not wish to take on the job next year.

Tina Fey and her comic pal Amy Poehler did, however, host the Golden Globes and a cracking job they made of it, too. In fact, almost as soon as the Globes were over, everybody’s heads turned sharply towards Seth Macfarlane, with one eyebrow raised, as if to say… ‘come on Seth, let’s see you beat those ladies.’ He couldn’t, alas, but Fey doesn’t seem keen to play one-upmanship with her own reputation when it comes to the job of hosting awards. Speaking to Huffington Post, Fey said “I just feel like that gig is so hard. Especially for, like, a woman -- the amount of months that would be spent trying on dresses alone ... no way.”

Surely there must be some kind of official petition we can sign to get Poehler and Fey on board for next year’s Academy Awards? We can’t think of anyone better right now and we think it’s safe to say Seth won’t be asked back. 

Tina Fey

Tina Fey will not be hosting next year's Oscars, she says