Good news for anyone already missing 30 Rock – a new comedy by the team of Tina Fey (30 Rock creator/showrunner), Matt Hubbard (executive producer) and Robert Carlock (co-showrunner) has been snatched up by Fox. The project, which was the focus of a lot of network competition, is a multiple camera comedy, set at an all-women’s college, which starts accepting men at the beginning of the story. According to a Deadline report, announcing the sale, it’s a production by Universal and Fey’s own Little Stranger company. This time, it will be Hubbard writing the project, which he will executive produce alongside Fey and Carlock.

Tina Fey, Admission Premiere
Fox won the series against serious competition.

It’s been a good week for Fey and Little Stranger overall, with another deal closed just a few days ago. The company set up a single-camera comedy penned by another former 30 Rock writer-producer, Colleen McGuinness, at NBC. The almost omniscient Fey also has an executive producer credit on that show, alongside Carlock. The second show, to air on NBC next fall, reportedly tells the story of a woman, who finds a new home and a new family on Fire Island as she attempts to reconnect with her father.

Tina Fey, Screen Actors' Guild Awards
This is the second deal for Fey and Carlock within the space of a week. 

Fox won the college comedy among severe competition. Post-30 Rock, Fey, Hubbard and Carlock are all established names in the industry, which is probably why their show received a full season deal before even producing a pilot.

No news for fans of Fey’s stage presence however. In case you’re missing Liz Lemon (we certainly are,) there have been no announcements on whether the writer/comedienne will appear on screen in either comedy.

Tina Fey, Golden Globe Awards
The writing/producing team is well established as one of the most successful in Hollywood at this point.