I've always thought of marching bandmembers as just a bunch of geeks who walk about, stroking their instruments while swapping stories from band camp. I feared Drumline would be two hours of these musician wannabes screeching out simple notes on their secondhand instruments. To my surprise, Drumline is not just another recital from band camp; however, it's no symphony either.

The film centers around Devon (Nick Cannon), a freshman recruited to attend Atlanta A&T University on a full ride scholarship to play in the school's marching band. He's an overachiever with a chip on his shoulder who thinks he knows everything about playing the drums. At tryouts, which look more like boot camp, Devon disrespects his band director Dr. Aaron Lee (Orlando Jones) by refusing to participate with the rest of the group. A power struggle soon ensues between Devon and his drumline section leader Sean (Leonard Roberts) who feels the freshman's talent threatens his position at the top of the food chain.

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