Time In Malta - Interview

Time In Malta
Time In Malta - Interview

Time In Malta feels the heat

The music industry has been polluted over the years by egotistical megalomaniacs who savvy up to the media craving attention like a performing seal. However, despite the wealth of interviews, documentaries, live performances and life stories that have been told of musicians from most genres; the hardcore punk genre still remains un-chartered or more to the point un-navigable for the more luxury seeking cruise liner. This is why I jumped on the opportunity to probe the crashing San Francisco quartet; Time in Malta, fronted by the uncompromising and honest Todd Gullion, aided and abetted with the abrasive bass lines of Jesse Hayes, the at times eerie and at other times frantic guitar riffs of Chris Lyon and all this is kicked into the end zone by the pummeling percussion of Adam Goldstein.

1. The natural comparison for your sound, anger and views is Boy Sets Fire from Delaware. Have they had a big impact on your music? Do you think that the hardcore punk genre lacks depth at the moment with Sick Of It All and to a lesser extent Good Riddance both losing their way?

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