I was initially skeptical, to say the least, to hear the premise of A Knight's Tale, which, for the uninitiated, is thus: Classic tale of squires and swords is set to a loud, classic rock score. Sounds like Rocky Horror at best, Evita at worst. Fortunately, A Knight's Tale comes in on the high side of would-be rock operas (would-be because there's not actually any singing in the movie, just a lot of dancing; on the high side because they usually suck) thanks to its odd mixture of silly fun with bone-crushing action scenes.

How do you mix a 1400s tale of jousting and swordplay with a load of rock music? Very carefully. It all starts as a crowd chants the opening monologue to "We Will Rock You" at the lists of a small jousting tournament, while our squire hero Will (Heath Ledger) finds that his master, a knight on the verge of winning the tourney, has just died. In a fit of passion, he straps on his master's armor and rides into the arena, winning the tournament for he and his two co-squire friends (Mark Addy and Alan Tudyk). Thrilled with the victory, Will opts not to take the money and split, but instead assumes the identity of a phony knight, rockin' and joustin' his way across France en route to "The World Championships" of jousting in London.

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