Country superstar Tim Mcgraw accidentally discovered his real father was baseball icon Tug Mcgraw after embarking on a search for hidden Christmas presents when he was just a child.
The Indian Outlaw singer was raised by his mother Elizabeth and spent his early years thinking her husband Horace Smith was his dad.
It was only when he was 11 that he found out the truth about his parentage - after rummaging through his mother's belongings to find hidden gifts.
In a candid interview with U.S. TV's Good Morning America, MCGraw says, "It was a shock. I was actually in a closet. Mum used to hide Christmas presents in the closet. She wasn't home one day and I was sort of rummaging through the closet and found this box and it had my birth certificate in it. That's how I discovered it."
MCGraw admits he was shocked at his discovery but admits his mum and loved ones were the ones who suffered the most.
He adds, "I think it was probably more traumatic for everybody around me than it actually was for me."
MCGraw gradually formed a close bond with the former New York Mets baseball pitcher, who died in 2004, and eventually took Tug's last name as his own.