LATEST: Country superstar Tim Mcgraw's pinkie ring has been returned to him after a mix up at a show in Louisiana on Saturday night (28Jul07). MCGraw asked a fan in the front row to give his ring back, believing she had grabbed it as he shook her hand, but in fact, the keepsake simply fell off the singer's finger and into the audience. In a video clip of the incident, posted on website, MCGraw can be seen saying over and over, "Give me my ring back" as he talks to a fan in the front row - but she never had it in the first place. The woman, named Monique, has since called her local radio station to protest her innocence, stating the ring fell off before Tim reached out to her. And she claims she couldn't even hear what MCGraw was saying when her hero was asking for the ring back. It now appears that a woman behind Monique found the ring by her feet and turned it over to security, who have since returned it to MCGraw.