Country rocker Tim Mcgraw dreads the day his daughters begin to date - and has warned he will use violence to warn off any unsavoury suitors.
The singer and his wife, fellow country star Faith Hill, have their hands full with three daughters Gracie, 12, Maggie, 10 and Audrey, seven.
And MCGraw admits he isn't looking forward to meeting boys who will one day vie for his girls' attention - and already has a dastardly plan to put them off.
He tells Family Circle magazine, "I think I am in denial. I've jokingly told my friends who have sons the same age as Gracie that I'm going to hit the nicest boy of the bunch right off the bat.
"So when he goes to school with a black eye, all of the other boys will see that I've punched the nicest one and they'll be scared to death of me."
But his tough guy approach to his daughters' love lives may be tarnished - he confesses he lets the trio of sisters cover his face in make-up.
He adds, "My girls have me wrapped around their little fingers. We also play dress up and I let them put make up on me."