Thankfully I have never needed to go through marriage guidance, or counselling, or couples therapy or whatever the current buzz words are for failing relationships deemed in need of some external help. I think I only really know one couple with any degree of closeness that has, and that ultimately ended in a failure to 'Work things out'. Tim Kasher has decided he would like to share a whole album themed around the bond of matrimony and how the unfortunate collapse and deterioration can be a very destructive and exceptionally unpleasant business.

This is Tim Kasher's debut solo album, his previous 9 over the last 13 years have been released under the guise of other acts he has fronted, namely 'Cursive' and 'The Good Life'. Known and renowned for his thematic, literary and somewhat lofty aspirations it comes as no surprise that this work should stick broadly to that formula. At times 'The Game Of Monogamy' is more dramatic musical theatre than Pop or Rock, however alternative you may want to spin it. Being appreciated state side for more than a decade does not necessarily mean it is 'Time the UK took some notice' as the publicist would like us to belief.

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