Rapper faked own death? Just when you thought that kind of thing only happens on TV - well, to be fair, it probably does only happen on TV and in movies, but maybe someone’s been watching too many of them - rapper Tim Dog, real name Timothy Blair, died of diabetes related complications this February. The rapper was best known for his track 'F**k Compton' and later forming the duo Ultra with Kool Keith.

Unfortunately, he also left behind a string of unpaid debts to various women on dating sites, reports NME. So rather than doing the obvious thing and letting it be, one of said women started questioning Blair’s death. The lady in question, Esther Pilgrim, claims she was owed $100 a month by court order from Blair and finds the circumstances of his death highly suspicious.

"There was nothing of what you would normally find. What city? Who found him? There was nothing with any type of concrete details."

Pilgrim goes on to explain that while the court had only mandated a $19,000 payout, she was actually owed around $2 million at the time of Blair’s death and that she has since been contacted by 20 other victims of Blair’s. Additionally, some other suspicious circumstances have been uncovered. Namely, the records of the rapper’s death in Atlanta apparently did not contain much detail, as Pitchfork reports, and the whole story was traced back to a report from The Source, which, surprise, no longer exists on the site.