Those who haven't yet seen the season finale of 'White Collar', look away now! Matt Bomer's genius con-artist Neal Caffrey has managed to pull off the ultimate scam and seemingly finally extract himself from the clutches of the FBI.

Matt Bomer on the set of 'White Collar'
A curveball ending to 'White Collar' season six

It's been six seasons and nobody was expecting an ending like that on Thursday (December 18th 2014). We'll warn you again - if you haven't seen it, now is definitely the time to stop reading. In a bizarre twist that doesn't arise until nearly the end of the show (unsurprising, since Bomer's co-star Tim DeKay warned in an interview with Hypable: 'Do not walk away, until the final second of the episode'), Caffrey does the all time dirty by spectacularly faking his death in 'Sherlock' fashion.

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