Tiger Woods opened up about his current family life on Good Morning American this week.
Tiger Woods, the American golfer and former world number-one, says that he's beginning to spend more time with his children following his divorce from Elin Nordegren last year, reports ABC News.Woods and his ex-wife have two children together, a daughter Sam and a son, Charlie. The 35-year-old admits that it's not "all fun and games" being a single father, but says he is enjoying being connected to his children. Tiger said, "I'm present with my kids. And that's important, because to be with them each and every time I'm with them, to feel that and be connected to them and to see their joys on their faces, whether it's Sam dancing and creating things and coloring and rearranging furniture and all that stuff. It's work, there's no doubt. It's work. It's tough but enjoyable". Woods' golf has been the primary focus in his life for years and he has dominated the game since turning pro in 1996. However, the golfer says his priorities in life have shifted, saying, "Family is first. And that's what it was when I was growing up. My family, my mom and dad were always there, and they were always present for me. And that's how I am with my kids now".
Tiger Woods and the Swedish model Elin Nordegren finalised their divorce on 23rd August 2010 after a highly-publicised split. The golfer admitted to numerous infidelities during a live press conference.