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Tiger Army
Music from Regions Beyond
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Tiger Army Music from Regions Beyond Album

Music from Regions Beyond is the fourth album from Tiger Army and it's a delightful cocktail of dark psychobilly punk rock that owes more than a nod to Danzig in his various musical incarnations, whilst also having a flavour of AFI (probably due to the production by uber alternative producer Jerry Finn)

Although it doesn't follow the formula of having Tiger Army or a number in the title as per previous albums, it remains pretty true to the musical formula that the first three albums created, namely a fantastically melodic romp through the dark side of a variety of musical subcultures.

Identifying a stand out track or tracks is actually pretty difficult since, there's no weak numbers on this - it's chock full of stormers. Maybe the only let downs are the overly melodic 'As the Cold Rain Falls' and the Spanish sung Hechizo de Amor If there's ever a vacancy for a house band for the Titty Twister bar in From Dusk til Dawn, my vote goes for Tiger Army.

Richard Edge

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