Review of Walk Away Slow Album by Tiffany Page

After spending time supporting The Noisettes on tour, Tiffany Page has her own album due for release this summer. Add to this the fact that she seems to be everywhere at the moment, and things appear to be going well for her so far.

Tiffany Page Walk Away Slow Album

Tiffany Page is a fresh addition to the current strand of solo power women on the music scene. A pop rock girl with a bit of attitude and a sassy disposition, she has everything that music is missing at the moment. Creating music you stop to listen to, it has all of the peaks and lows you need to bring it to life.

Unlike a lot of recent music, there is a definite verse and chorus, along with a great hook within almost every track. Yes, it's traditional, but why mess with it when it works?

'On your head' 'Walk Away' and, 'I Hope He Doesn't Know About You' are strong catchy tunes that won't leave your brain. In fact, 'On Your Head' is so catchy you'll be singing it after only a couple of listens. This will be a live hit!

The sheer variation from pop to rock to ballad demonstrates just how talented Page is. There's something almost dirty and rough about her music, you can get your rock chick fix here. It's Tiffany's voice which stands out throughout the whole album. It's deep and gravelly, which for a female artist today is again, unusual. Adding a raw effect to her material.

Documented as a Chrissie Hynde for the 21st century. I wouldn't argue with that.

Laura Johnstone

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