You'd think that producer Latt might play on the camp success of his previous nutty thriller Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus for this no-budget romp. But no.

This movie is even more po-faced, with even less coherent action and more appalling effects. Is that even possible?

It turns out that scientist Sarah Monroe (Tiffany) has been experimenting with piranhas on the Orinoco River in Venezuela, and now they're growing exponentially, from the size of a cookie to the size of a Buick in just a few days. Fortunately, they're heading for the Caribbean, and they won't be able to survive in salt water. Or so the biologists think. Assigned to help her stop the potential chaos is over-muscled American action-spy Jason Fitch (Logan), who is being manipulated by his panicky boss (Williams) back home.

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