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Picture - Kara Swisher, Mike Judge, Alec... San Francisco California United States, Thursday 9th April 2015

Kara Swisher, Mike Judge, Alec Berg, Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, Zach Woods and Matt Ross - HBO Presents The Season Two Screening of Silicon Valley With Mike Judge and Alec Berg at The Village - San Francisco, California, United States - Thursday 9th April 2015

Alec Berg, Thomas Middleditch, Zach Woods, Kumail Nanjiani, Mike Judge, Martin Starr and Matt Ross
Mike Judge, Kumail Nanjiani, Thomas Middleditch, Kara Swisher, Zach Woods, Martin Starr and Alec Berg
Mike Judge
Kara Swisher, Mike Judge, Alec Berg, Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, Zach Woods and Matt Ross
Mike Judge

Picture - Zach Woods and Thomas Middleditch... New York New York United States, Friday 27th June 2014

Zach Woods and Thomas Middleditch - The 16th Annual Del Close Improv Comedy Marathon Press Conference, presented by The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - New York, New York, United States - Friday 27th June 2014

Zach Woods
Zach Woods and Thomas Middleditch
Zach Woods

Picture - Mollie Gates and Thomas Middleditch... Los Angeles California United States, Thursday 19th June 2014

Mollie Gates and Thomas Middleditch - 4th Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 19th June 2014

Thomas Middleditch
Thomas Middleditch

The Brass Teapot Trailer

John and Alice are a married couple in their mid-twenties struggling with trying to find their place in a world that they can't afford to live in. John has been laid off at work, while Alice's fruitless attempts to compete with more experienced career seekers aren't paying off. One day they discover an antiques store on the side of the road and Alice is immediately enchanted by an old looking brass teapot. She discovers that every time one of them hurts themselves, the pot explodes with cash leading them to believe they've found the future they've been dreaming of at last. The pair start waxing, tattooing and beating themselves to their hearts' content as they become richer and richer by the hour, and while they initially insisted they would stop after reaching one million dollars, Alice finds herself unable to stop wanting more. They put themselves in grave danger as the teapot's history comes back to haunt them and their once perfect relationship is now being tested for the first time.

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Fun Size Review

You know you're in trouble when a madcap comedy is unable to even raise a smile. And it's worse when it strains to include a sentimentally emotional subplot without grounding anything in believable characters or situations. All that's left is a lot of corny toilet humour and eye-rollingly limp schmaltz. Even a decent cast can't rescue this one.

It all happens on one Halloween night in Ohio, when brainy 18-year-old Wren (Justice) and her oversexed pal April (Levy) plan to attend the party of the year hosted by the school hottie. But Wren's mother (Handler) runs off to her own party, leaving Wren in charge of her mischievous 8-year-old brother Albert (Nicoll), who hasn't spoken a word since their father died a year earlier. And Albert quickly ditches Wren, running off for an adventure with a lovelorn convenience store employee (Middleditch). To find him, Wren gets help from the nerdy Roosevelt (Mann), who has a crush on her.

The premise has potential, blending Adventures in Babysitting and Home Alone along with a bit of emotional subtext. But the screenwriters never make anything of it, instead indulging in startlingly unfunny slapstick, jokes about paedophilia and a sappy streak of half-baked sentiment. All of which means that the filmmakers waste their solid cast at every turn. Justice and Levy make an enjoyable if unlikely duo, while Nicholl is full of unpredictable energy. But the filmmakers manage to subdue the usually irrepressible Handler in a badly underdeveloped role that's still the most interesting thing in the film.

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