Food and dining is one of the things that unite all people around the globe regardless of culture, language or race. It is something that bonds people together and is primary source of contentment. Three very different restaurants in the US approach their catering with similar principles but all have some severe complications to deal with. Alinea is a 3-Michelin Starred restaurant in Chicago that has been ranked number one in the US and number 7 in the world. They approach cooking with artistic sentiment, though they face deep obstacles when top chef Grant Achatz finds that he has life-threatening mouth cancer and could lose his sense of taste if he undergoes chemotherapy. Breitbach's eatery in Balltown, Iowa felt like home to all their patrons, but they are left to rebuild all that they've worked for when it is burned to cinders following a gas explosion. La Cocina De Gabby is a Mexican diner in Tucson, Arizona and while the owners possess strong family values and produce food solely to put smiles on people's faces, their lives are far from easy as their slow business threatens their homelife.

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