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OK! TV Pre-awards Party - Arrivals

Thomas Ian Nicholas - A host of stars looking very glamorous made their way down the red carpet at the OK! TV pre-awards party honoring the Emmy nominees, presenters and the Giving Carpet held at Sofitel Los Angeles - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 21st August 2014

Thomas Ian Nicholas
Thomas Ian Nicholas

The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation's 23rd Annual 'A Time For Heroes' Celebrity Picnic At Wadsworth Theater.

Thomas Ian Nicholas Sunday 3rd June 2012 The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation's 23rd Annual 'A Time For Heroes' celebrity picnic at Wadsworth Theater.

Thomas Ian Nicholas
Thomas Ian Nicholas

American Reunion [aka American Pie: Reunion] Review

Call this a missed opportunity. While there's plenty of scope to have fun with these characters as they hit 30, this script is simply not up to the job. It's never very funny, has no sense of momentum and only comes to life due to the endearing characters and the likeable actors who play them.

It's the class of 1999's 13th reunion (huh?), so the entire gang returns to East Great Falls. Jim and Michelle (Bigs and Hannigan) now have a 2-year-old son, which has interrupted their sex life; Oz (Klein) is a B-list TV star with a supermodel girlfriend (Bowden); the now-married Kevin is worried about rekindling his high school romance with Vicky (Reid); Finch (Thomas) is a world traveler who clicks with Michelle's band camp pal Selena (Ramirez). And then there's party-boy prankster Stifler (Scott), who hasn't changed at all and leads them into all manner of trouble.

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Thomas Ian Nicholas Promoting His New Film 'American Reunion' At Various Venues Around Town.

Thomas Ian Nicholas Tuesday 17th April 2012 Thomas Ian Nicholas promoting his new film 'American Reunion' at various venues around town.

Thomas Ian Nicholas
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Thomas Ian Nicholas

Jason Biggs Stripped At Club

Jason Biggs American Pie Eddie Kaye Thomas Thomas Ian Nicholas

Jason Biggs performed a drunken routine at a strip club during filming for 'American Pie: Reunion'.

Alongside Eddie Kaye Thomas and Thomas Ian Nicholas - who portray Finch and Kevin in the franchise - the group accidentally ''wound up on stage'' amongst the sexy ladies while they were on a booze-filled night out.

Eddie explained: ''After filming one night in Atlanta, me, Jason and Thomas went to a strip club. We might have had a few drinks, and we wound up getting on stage and dancing ourselves.''

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American Reunion Los Angeles Premiere - Outside Arrivals

Thomas Ian Nicholas and Grauman's Chinese Theatre - Thomas Ian Nicholas and guest Monday 19th March 2012 American Reunion Los Angeles Premiere - Outside Arrivals

Thomas Ian Nicholas and Grauman's Chinese Theatre

American Pie Reunion, The Class Of 99' Star In New Trailer

Thomas Ian Nicholas Seann William Scott Jason Biggs Tara Reid

The trailer for American Pie's 'American Reunion' hit the web this week, bringing with it the usual raunchy jokes from the original gang. The clip gives fans their first glimpse of what the original characters got up to after the first movies.

For starters, Thomas Ian Nicholas's character Kevin appears to be living in a mansion with a wife who is obsessed with Real Housewives reality shows. Stifler, the famous ladies' man played by Seann William Scott, is still hitting on women - this time in his place of work. Elsewhere, Jim, played by Jason Biggs and girlfriend Michelle's former fiery relationship has taken a backseat with the couple focusing on raising their young son. The movie essentially follows the group as they get together in East Great Falls, Michigan, for their high school reunion. At one point, Jim's hapless father tells the reunited group, "Can I tell you, how exciting it is to see you kids back in town?" The film follows numerous poorly received American Pie spin-offs and is set for release on 6th April 2012.

Earlier this year, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that William Scott and Biggs are the highest paid original cast members, earning around $5 million each for the movie. Actress Tara Reid, a key member of the first films, is allegedly earning the least, around $750,000.

American Pie Star Nicholas A First-time Dad

American Pie Thomas Ian Nicholas

American Pie star Thomas Ian Nicholas is a new dad - his wife Colette gave birth to the couple's first child on Thursday (20Oct11).

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American Pie: Reunion Trailer

When we last saw East Great Falls' Class of '99, they were celebrating the wedding of classmates Jim Levenstein and Michelle Flaherty. Several years later, Jim and Michelle have a two year old son and have settled into a comfortable routine.

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Please Give Review

Writer-director Holofcener cleverly keeps the emotions gurgling right under the surface of this engaging interpersonal comedy. It's more about smiles than laughing out loud, but the superior cast members get terrific characters to play with.

Kate and Alex (Keener and Platt) are socially active New Yorkers, supporting charities and trying to help their feisty teen daughter (Steele) understand what's important. But Kate's beginning to feel guilty about their work; they buy furniture from families with recently deceased relatives and resell it at a profit. This is taken to the extreme as they wait for their aging neighbour (Guilbert) to die so they can annex her apartment, and Kate and Alex struggle with how to interact with her very different granddaughters (Hall and Peet).

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American Pie 2 Review

The gang from American Pie is back in American Pie 2, or, I Still Know What You Screwed Last Summer. The immortal pie, of course, is gone, but there are plenty of foreign objects and luscious ladies to occupy the genitalia of the entire cast for a full hour and a half.

After reinventing the sex comedy in 1999's American Pie, AP2 had a high bar to live up to, and miraculously, it has done so. It actually outdoes the original (by a mile) when it comes to juvenile and crude humor. And the sex gags... jeez, the dick jokes come rapid fire, one every minute. It ain't Woody Allen, but damn if it isn't utterly hysterical.

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American Wedding Review

That wacky American Pie crew is back -- er, a handful of them, anyway -- for a lackluster third and undoubtedly final outing with sex, pie, and ice cream. Okay, there's no pie or ice cream.

Picking up three years after American Pie 2, we find pastry-loving Jim (Jason Biggs) and band-camper Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) graduating from college and still in love. A wedding is deemed in order, which brings back Jim's pals Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), and Stifler (Seann William Scott) to plan the blessed event. Of course, any married man knows that no wedding in history has ever been organized by three hapless guys, and when the crew drives three hours to Chicago to buy Michelle a wedding dress (huh!?) you know we're in for an old-fashioned round of Spot the Plot Device.

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The Rules Of Attraction Review


Like an episode of MTV's barely-legal late-night dorm life soap "Undressed," with 20 times the creativity but without any more substance, "The Rules of Attraction" is a stylish, glib, endemically energetic diversion that's indulgently entertaining but could have and should have been deeper.

Enthusiastically adapted by Roger Avery (co-writer of "Pulp Fiction" and writer-director of "Killing Zoe") from the whimsically subversive novel by Bret Easton Ellis, it's a black comedy about the feral underbelly of modern campus life, full of cinematic invention but narrative superficiality.

Populated by teen-TV lightweight types trying to gain edgy credibility, "Rules" stars James Van Der Beek ("Dawson's Creek") in the movie's most resonant performance as antihero Sean Bateman, a deviant college cool-jerk -- who, for the trivia-minded, is the younger brother of the title character in Ellis's "American Psycho."

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American Pie 2 Review


Back from their freshman year at college, the sex-crazed gang from "American Pie" rent a beach house and party hardy for the summer in the inevitable assembly-line sequel "American Pie 2."

Pastry-plugging loser Jim (the insufferable Jason Biggs) is waiting for a visit from Swedish exchange sexpot Nadia (the vapid Shannon Elizabeth), whose interest in him still isn't adequately explained. Loud-mouthed lecher Stifler (Seann William Scott) is still obsessed with nailing anonymous bimbos. Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) is still obsessed with bedding Stifler's mom (Jennifer Coolidge).

Oz (Chris Klien) is still hopelessly devoted to Heather (Mena Suvari), who only shows up about three times in the movie, calling on the phone from Europe. Freaky flutist Michelle (Alyson Haningan) is back at band camp, where Jim pays a visit for sexual advice. Former virgin Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) is pining for former virgin Vicki (Tara Reid), who has moved on.

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