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Thomas Gibson Accused Of 'Catfishing,' Press Gets It Badly Wrong

Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson, the actor best known for Criminal Minds, was sprayed over the gossip rags this week after allegedly getting caught 'catfishing.' A nod to the documentary of the same name, the stories told how Gibson was conducting an online relationship with a complete stranger despite being married with three kids. poked fun at Gibson after a video surfaced online showing Gibson in a hot tub, speaking to his mystery woman. The actor was labelled a cheat, an online love rat - a premium Catfish victim. And then the truth came out.

Sources close to the couple - which basically means the couple themselves - confirmed that Gibson and his wife Christine had been separated for almost three years, though continued to live together for the sake of their children. 

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One Direction: Going Our Way - Clips

British pop heartthrobs One Direction became a worldwide sensation when they were thrust together on the 2010 series of 'The X Factor' after initially auditioning separately. The landed a prestigious Guinness World Record after becoming the first British band to debut at number one on the US Billboard 200 with their debut album 'Up All Night'; an achievement that not even The Beatles managed to claim. This telling documentary features a series of interviews with various people in the music industry as they determine what this '1D Mania' is all about, who really founded the band in the first place and the high-profile tabloid stories of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

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Celebrities At The Grove To Appear On The Entertainment News Show, 'Extra'

Thomas Gibson Thursday 5th April 2012 Celebrities at The Grove to appear on the entertainment news show, 'Extra'

The Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences 21st Annual Hall Of Fame Ceremony At The Beverly Hills Hotel - Arrivals

Thomas Gibson Thursday 1st March 2012 The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 21st Annual Hall of Fame Ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hotel - Arrivals

Psycho Beach Party Review

Not since Rocky Horror has the film world produced such a vibrant farce of teen angst, violence, and sexual deviance. And here comes Rocky's comeuppance, as off-Broadway cult icon Charles Busch has scripted a work of sheer demented brilliance in the gleefully absurd Psycho Beach Party.

Originally performed on the stage, Psycho Beach Party is the story of a teenage girl who wants desperately to surf. It's also the story of a female cop who used to be a man. And some homoerotic surfers. And a beautiful movie star who's hiding from Hollywood. And an alcoholic mother with no grasp of the present. And a psychotic killer who hacks people up for their imperfections. And it all takes place at Malibu Beach in 1962.

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Stardom Review

Nothing could better use a solid send-up than the beyond egomaniacal fashion model "industry," a self-obsessed, navel-gazing enterprise of nonsensical characters if ever there has been one. French Canadian director Denys Arcand (best known for Jesus of Montreal) has created some biting social commentaries in the past, but Stardom is far from a masterpiece.

Stardom tells the story of an unknown female hockey player named Tina (Jessica Paré) who finds celebrity in the modeling biz when a happenstance candid photo of her on the ice becomes all the rage. Soon enough she's an up-and-comer in Montreal, jetting off to Europe for photo shoots and parties, and indulging in the usual trappings of the supermodel race.

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Love And Human Remains Review

There's a little bit for everybody in Love and Human Remains, but as a whole, most people are likely to find this film somewhat daunting. This study of modern relationships is billed as a "dark comedy"--and I'm still trying to determine whether the designation fits.

Following the interactions of seven side-wardly mobile Canadians, Love and Human Remains explores questions of love, misery, loneliness, confusion, and the strange truth that all seem to be inexplicably present at the same time. The reality of this has been the subject of numerous romantic comedies and the like, but I'm not sure I've ever seen the topic handled quite this way.

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Barcelona Review

Barcelona is a new film by director Whit Stilman (Metropolitan), basically following the lives of two young American males in late 80s Spain. The Cold War is still alive, anti-Americanism is rampant, and the sexual revolution has finally hit its peak in the city of Barcelona.

Barcelona tracks two cousins, one a straight-laced salesman, the other an easygoing naval officer, along with their various love interests and unintended involvement with political intrigue. On one hand, this film is a success. The dichotomy of American and Spanish culture is fun to watch, as they are extremely different on every level--political, musical, sexual.

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The Broken Hearts Club Review


For a gay movie that purports to be about real people -- as opposed to melodramatic stereotypes or comedy caricatures -- "The Broken Hearts Club" comes across pretty contrived.

Not only do the ensemble players include such stock West Hollywood denizens as the bimbo hunk and the queeny cry baby with a jones for redecorating, but these clichés are also introduced immediately following a coffee shop gripe session scene about how gays in the movies are always sex maniacs, confidants to lovelorn women, AIDS victims or friends of AIDS victims.

Writer-director Greg Berlanti (a producer on "Dawson's Creek") doesn't seem to realize he's contributing to this very problem. And he's far too green a filmmaker to be passing judgment anyway. This is his first film and it's riddled with nagging script deficiencies (most of these "real people" don't seem to have jobs) and bad technical calls, like the gratuitous, intrusive and annoying overuse of hand-held cameras.

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Stardom Review


The rise-and-fall of a fictional supermodel is the topic of "Stardom," an irritatingly over-conceptualized yet blandly under-realized documentary-style satire-drama.

Narrated to death by a parade of invariably obnoxious hairdressers, photographers, agents, talk show hosts and Much Music VJs (it takes place in Canada), it's the story of an 18-year-old knockout brunette (newcomer Jessica Paré) spotted by a sports photographer while playing hockey and rapidly whisked into a pampered, jet-setting lifestyle.

Half mocumentary and half an insincere, tisk-tisk condemnation of beauty as a commodity and a social currency, the picture is a ripe idea corrupted by its own self-satisfaction and made worthless by the fact that the girl at its axis is wildly uninteresting.

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The Flinstones In Viva Rock Vegas Review


"The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas" is one unapologetic goofball of a movie. It makes no pretense of brains or decorum. It's dumb, screwy and proud. Yabba dabba doo!

A prequel to 1994's live-action "Flintstones" feature, it stars Mark Addy from "The Full Monty" as Fred and Stephen Baldwin's Barney (playing him dumb as a box of rocks and obviously enjoying it no end) in their younger days when they were courting Wilma and Betty (Kristen Johnston and Jane Krakowski).

The only thing really resembling plot revolves around the fact that Wilma is a down-to-earth debutante who would rather go bowling than to a fancy dress ball -- an attitude greeted with much high-hattedness when she brings Fred around to meet her parents.

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Eyes Wide Shut Review


Despite all the tongue-wagging about philandering shrinksand other rumor mill jazz, "Eyes Wide Shut" turns out to notbe entirely about sex after all.

Instead its something even more shocking by Hollywood standards-- a complex and intimate study of a couple surviving a very big bump intheir marriage.

There is sex. Plenty of it. But more frequently there'salmost sex and fantasy sex when a small marital spat between a rich,handsome couple of nine years escalates into a confession that begets adownward spiral jealousy, obsession and, most of all, temptation.

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