THePETEBOX - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham Live Review

Review of PETEBOX live at Rescue Rooms Nottongham.


Nottingham's own beatboxing sensation played to a full house this week to celebrate the end of his 2008 international show.

All from the mouth
For those not familiar with the work of the Petebox (a beatboxer named Pete), he is a one man show working to his mantra. All from the mouth. No backing tracks, no drums, only his voice. Just for the record, this is 'not some weird kind of karaoke either as he quite rightly stated.

There were no signs of the nerves Petebox had when he agreed to put the whole night on himself as he stepped onto the stage. Welcomed back to Nottingham with loud screams and raised arms from lots of familiar friends and loyal fans, and others from fans he has picked up along the way.

No time for messing around, it was straight into continuous beatboxing. Bass lines, samples, and drum beats altogether to form tracks we all recognised like 'Sweet like chocolate', and 'Going Round the Twist'. The crowd literally went crazy as Petebox entertained us. I guess that is another part to this set. Whilst beatboxing alone is amazing to see live, you have to know how to create the show and keep your audience engaged. The Petebox knows how to please a crowd, and he's funny too!

Half way through the set, out comes the loop pedal - taking what was an already great gig to another level. With this the whole room appeared to move with excitement as us 'regulars' were more than aware of what was coming.

Using influences from jazz, pop, dance, and drum and bass, you have to wonder if there is anything this guy can't do. It's not just like someone using their voice to project bass lines or drum beats, this actually sounds like the music in a club! If I didn't know Pete and his work then I really would think there was a backing track.

My only disappointed at the time was that my favourite Basement Jaxx track wasn't done. But, as the set ended and The Petebox left the stage, we all protested in unison. As an encore I couldn't have been more impressed as we were treated to a full six minute creation of 'Where's Your Head At', rom scratch.

What a homecoming
2008 has been a very successful year for The Petebox which has seen him win awards and titles for his work, not to mention touring with Foreign Beggars. I will definitely be at his 2009 shows, and in the mean time will be left with that same question. How does he do that? I want a CD!

Laura Johnstone