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'Borrowed Time' Teaser Release, Catch A Sneak Peek At This Unique British Comedy [Trailer]

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As the UK independent movie market becomes more competitive than ever with over 200 films made, directors like Jules Bishop have begun to utilise crowd-funding websites, such as Kickstarter to raise the thousands needed to make and launch a movie.

Borrowed Time
'Borrowed Time' Will Tickle You With Its Unlikely Hilarity.

Borrowed Time tells the story of a hapless young burglar named Kevin (Theo Barklem-Biggs)nand the relationship he has with his would-be victim, an eccentric old man, Philip (Philip Davis). Upon Kevin's gunpoint hostage in Philip's home, the pair form a very unlikely bond that will help them find a way of solving their respective troubles.

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Borrowed Time - Teaser Trailer

Kevin is a young man in the wrong crowd who's totally run out of cash but is in desperate need to pay back a local gangster named Ninja. Used to only petty crime, he is thrust into a more serious way of picking up money after his friends suggest he try burglary to pay his debt. He ends up breaking into the house of Philip - a pensioner who threatens him with a gun on his arrival. He holds Kevin hostage in his home, but the pair begin to bond over their similar personal issues. Kevin doesn't want to be a pathetic petty thief anymore and he wishes that his ex-girlfriend would take him back, while Philip would do anything to have his youth and agility back.

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Hammer of the Gods Review

Like Game of Thrones crossed with Braveheart but stripped of most of the budget, this scrappy film tells an intriguing story without the usual Hollywood bombast. And while the low-fi production makes it sometimes feel rather corny, this ancient yarn holds our interest due to a strong focus on the characters and a gritty use of spectacular locations.

It's set in AD 871 Britain, after the Viking King Bagsecg (Cosmo) is fatally injured just as he's preparing to take on the Saxon horde. As he lays dying, he gives his third son Steinar (Bewley) the important task of locating eldest son Hakan (Cowan), who has gone native and is living with the Picts. Second son Harald (Robertson) prefers to leave Hakan as lost, but agrees to hold the fort while Steiner sets off with younger half-brother Vali (Barklen-Biggs) and his loyal soldier pals (Standen, Flanagan and Jibson). But after crossing the countryside and fighting off Saxon warriors, they make a startling discovery that changes the way Steinar sees his past and his destiny.

Steinar's odyssey unfolds in a series of encounters and battles along the road, as they meet colourful people and take on various handfuls of black-clad Saxons. Clearly the filmmakers didn't have the funds for more than a few extras, so the skirmishes are all fairly small-scale, but they're pretty fierce and they reveal some fascinating details in the clash between the Viking gods and the Britons' Christianity. Steinar, meanwhile, has rejected religion and superstition, which puts him at odds with everyone and makes his soul-searching much more involving. Bewley plays this very nicely, even if Steinar's arc isn't hugely surprising.

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