Review of Come Up (With Me) Single by Thea Gilmore

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Thea Gilmore Come Up (With Me) Single

Thea Gilmore is set to embark on a 20-date tour but first comes her new Single 'Come Up (With Me)'. She has been placed under the acoustic Indie category but for me if she put herself in the acoustic Country genre then there is no doubt that she would be a massive hit.

'Come Up (With Me)' is a blend of Thea’s beautiful voice blended together with a slick guitar being played. The guitar chords do seem like they have been cleaned up a tad too much, but still it makes to be a nice song. If the right people got behind this tune, or if it got put on the perfect chick flick then it could have the potential to be a top ten hit.

The unfortunate thing for Thea Gilmore is that it has probably already been and gone in the shape of Shania Twain and she did it so much better. No disrespect to Thea Gilmore or anything like that but just maybe she has missed the boat somewhat.


Mark Moore

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