Review of In The Cold Wind We Smile Album by The Xcerts

Review of The Xcerts album 'In The Cold Wind We Smile'

The Xcerts In The Cold Wind We Smile Album

With their roots in Aberdeen, Scotland, the trio that comprise The Xcerts are releasing their debut record after impressive support from the likes of XFM, Radio 1, Q magazine and MTV. Support from their peers has varied from the likes of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly to the heavier styling of Fighting With Wire.

Those familiar with the work of the aforementioned bands will realise that their sounds are quite far removed from one another and this is an indication of the Jekyll and Hyde dynamics that are constantly displayed on 'In The Cold Wind We Smile'. The intro track of the same name is a tender and relaxed affair which leads into 'Home Versus Home', a pulsating anthem that brings out the Scottish brogue of Murray Macleod's singing. 'Crisis In The Slow Lane' sounds similar to Snow Patrol's 'Run' during the verses before awakening with an expansive chorus of power chords, while 'Wonderwall' (not a cover) opens up like an emo-rock monster coming from Funeral For A Friend. The pop brilliance of 'Just Go Home' and indie anthem 'Nightschool' add to the variety of a solid debut, though proceedings rarely get to the level of being spectacular.

Alex Lai

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