With just one week to go, Union J were understandably disappointed at Sunday's results which saw them leave the competition. However, in infinite good humour and good manners, the boys spoke on This Morning, today (3rd Dec. 2012) in support of Jahmene Douglas, James Arthur and Christopher Maloney, the three acts still in the running to win.

Quoted by the Sun, they said: "The judges weren't there to save us and also James and Jahmene are amazing, and obviously Christopher's getting the votes and he's fantastic as well." However they added that they "don't think it would do amazingly well for the show if Chris won... but then again, it is the public vote, so they're keeping him in." The boys managed to criticise Maloney without digging themselves a hole they can't get out of, saying "I don't think Chris would be a bad winner, but this year's been a massive year for talent, incredible, and, not saying he's not credible, but I think there's been a difference this year to other years."

These soft critiques from his colleagues will probably not be something that Christopher Maloney will be focussed on of late, given that as the Metro reports, he's been getting death threats via Twitter. "Death threats yet again! Disgusting! Police informed!" He said. Likewise, James Arthur has also been engaging in some Twitter beef, but this time with Frankie Boyle who has been 'dissing' the show and its contestants. Boyle's tweets included gems such as:

"James Arthur looks like someone put a sheep's teeth into a baby's head #Xfactor"

"Don't tell me that I shouldn't watch x factor. I DON'T WATCH IT. I know who's on every week & I tweet jokes about them while I read a book." 

"James McArthur is like a cross between a tramp and a duckling#xfactor"

Arthur has since deleted his retorts, but left one final message saying: "No more tweets about Boyle I'm not giving him the publicity he clearly desires so don't tweet me about it please. I'm all about positivity.."