As much as The X Factor is an entertaining three hours per weekend, and we enjoy the thrill of competition, by the final week we'll be tuning in out of the fear (and unhappy probability) that the wrong person will win. This year's goose is Christopher Maloney, and while it seems more and more likely that he'll nab the prize, he is almost definitely not the person to do best out of the competition.

The runners up or third placers from seasons five, six and seven have all outdone the winners.  While 2008 winner Alexandra Burke has done pretty well, she just hasn't done it on the scale that JLS (who came second to her) have; they've taken the world by storm. Likewise, in 2009, Olly Murs- who has just revealed he'll be going on tour with Robbie Williams(!)- has definitely far outrun Joe McElderry whose name seems to have paled into the backdrop of a saturated pop music scene. The biggest non-winner success though is, of course, One Direction, whose latest album Take Me Home shot to number one in both the UK and US- they've even featured in a Forbes rich list. 

Clearly, winning really isn't everything, and if we were to bet we'd put our money on James Arthur as being the top seller and earner in the future. He's proven himself to be an accomplished musician and song writer as well as singer, which stands him in really good stead both for originality and future collaborations. Jahmene has a great voice and is likeable, but his 'sellability' really depends on future song choices during his career. Christopher Maloney may sell to grandparents, but they aren't the big buyers. We don't see him going far. Contact Music wishes all the contestants the best of luck in tomorrow's final!