X-Factor, despite being beloved worldwide now, with throngs of obsessive uber-fans for every single act that appears, each one gaining at least 5 minutes of obsession from some viewer or other out there, it's not always the winners who come out on top. So, upon exiting the show early it's prime time to pick up the gauntlet and run. This is exactly what District 3 are planning to do, after being booted out yesterday (11th Nov. 2012), telling Lorraine Kelly, on ITV 1's Lorraine, "It's just the start for us." 

"We couldn't have asked for anything better. It's allowed us to create an amazing fan base." They told Lorraine, "Now we just need to get back on the writing the album and doing lots of gigs." Current fans will be pleased to know that all their voting to keep them in, despite not securing their place in the competition, certainly hasn't gone to waste.  

Despite coming 7th in the show, this isn't the end of the world for their career, and as our mothers have always told us- winning isn't everything. Taking a look back at X-Factor's past contestants, some have done extraordinarily well, despite not placing at the top. Misha B, ended up coming fourth in 2011, but has since gone on to have a number 2 hit in the UK R&B chart and is currently supporting none other than Nicki Minaj. Likewise, irritating duo Jedward came in 6th but are still popping up on our television screens every now and again, they've worked with Vanilla Ice and also performed at the Eurovision Song Contest representing Ireland in 2011 and 2012. Finally, One Direction. This contemporary tour-de-force only placed third in the competition back in 2010, which is difficult to believe, given their enormous success over the past two years, they now appear in the top ten of one of Forbes' rich lists- incredible! Well, that's the target to aim for District 3, with X-Factor behind you, it's all to play for.