Frankie Boyle attacks 'x factor's James Arthur in his latest childish Twitter rant on the singer's appearance.

The Scottish comedian seems to stoop to new lows everyday with his cringeworthy 'jokes' on controversial topics, yet has lost the ability to gain much attention for it these days. However, James seemed unable to go by the usual rule of ignoring him and lashed out in response to the random insults. He clearly took much time and effort into thinking up the following: 'James McArthur is like a cross between a tramp and a duckling #xfactor'. James was far from impressed by the outburst and hit back at the floundering comedian with, 'Poor old man making yet more s*** jokes about X Factor because he knows that's the only way he can get attention any more. Prat.' 

Some of the Tweets have since been deleted but James responded with various accurate statements. 'Have you seen the state of you? How can you make remarks about the way I look? Stop using my name to try rekindle your career', he wrote. 'And making jokes about people on tv shows is one thing but you make jokes about people with disabilities which is a disgrace.' Boyle, clearly enjoying the attention he was hoping for, later hit back with the nonsensical, 'James Arthur looks like someone put a sheep's teeth into a baby's head #Xfactor.'

James Arthur isn't the only one Frankie is shouting 'notice me!' at either. When the news broke yesterday that Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant with her first child, what was the first thing he did? That's right: 'Can't believe Kate Middleton's pregnant. That cow told me she was on the pill. #royalbaby.' He later followed the comment with another much more vulgar line. He's even tried reaching out to the Pope with a remark about God and controversies surrounding Catholic priests; he later explained that he was trying to get 'blocked by the Pope'. Somehow I don't think the first thing his Holiness does in a morning is read your latest Tweets, Frankie.