He might still be in the running to be crowned the winner of this year’s x factor, but James Arthur doesn’t seem to be taking it so seriously that he can’t enjoy a night out or even a cheeky cigarette – and on his latest trip out he managed to get himself a smacker on the lips into the bargain.

The Sun caught Arthur, who sang Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’ during last weekend’s show, kissing a mystery brunette. The 24 year-old was out on the town with pals and was boozing and smoking like his life depended on it. Surely smoking can’t be good for the man given that he’s essentially resting his future (or, y’know, the next few months of it before everyone gets bored of whoever wins) on his voice, but never mind. We’re not singers, so we won’t judge.

Anyway, the most notable aspect of this night out to London nightclub Mahiki was that he kissed a mystery brunette after buying her a bunch of roses from a vendor on the street. Lovely stuff. The mystery woman looked pleased as punch to be hanging out with THE James Arthur (shortly to be known as simply ‘James Arthur’ again). He wasn’t the only X Factor man doing well for himself on the lady front though: Union J’s George Shelley was spotted hanging out with an attractive looking blonde lass. How nice.